Brought to you by Tom Antl, Jim McCarthy and the Runners who participate at this incredible Camp!
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Giant Sequoia Running Camp Video Documentary - 2007


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Welcome to the Giant Sequoia Cross Country Camp Documentary web page. This is one of many videos about running, but one that touches on both the challenges and personal side of running that these runners experience at this camp. Its a neat story about a great camp that takes place once a year up in the Sequoia National Forest for seven days. Each day presents a new trail running challenge that each runner must address and overcome mentally and physically. Its interesting the get the perspective of these High School Cross Country Athletes through the interviews conducted during the week. Many of the athletes see the benefits of going to Running Camp and how it may help them in the future with non-running related challenges. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did experiencing it during my week at camp.


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Jim McCarthy says...



One of the great things about running camp is that the runners get to meet other athletes from different schools During the week a unique type of camaraderie develops between the runners at this camp that carries over to their cross country season in the Fall. Jim McCarthy took some time to explain how these bonds develop and how they can help the runners reach their goals both on the trail and on the race course.


Somewhere between the runs, the cooking and the pep-talks I found time to talk with Jim McCarthy about what its like to coach athletes in such a competitive sport like cross country. Cross Country is a unique sport because it is a sport that is both about the individual and the team all at the same time. One of the very cool things he brings to light the delicate balance of setting attainable goals and challenging his athletes. He also took the time to describe "The Quan" and what is means to runners, it is the inner soul of running, answering that question of "Why we run, why do we do it?"


The nightly amp fires are some of the more memorable parts of this cross country camp. They allow for time to reflect on the achievements of the day and provide foresight for the challenges of tomorrow. Every night is packed with story's of past camps, guest speakers who are many times world class runners, and a few nights include activities for the runners. On of my personal favorite stories is about the time we ran past Merton Meadow to Alta Peak, a 14 mile run that ended at over 11,000ft in elevation.


Here are some frame grabs from the camp documentary:

Movie Clip
The orienteering run is a favorite for both runners and coaches alike. The teams
are made up of athletes of similar ability levels, requiring the faster teams to
run further than the slower teams. Each team has to navigate their way through
the Giant Forest to find a series of clues, the first team to find all of their clues and
navigate back to the finish line is the winner.
Movie Clip
During the week the student athletes are challenged by a relay testing not only
their strength, but their speed.
Movie Clip
Watching the start of the relay is one of the more exciting spectator events held
during the week at camp.
Movie Clip
During the week these cross country runners will climb a lot of hills starting with the easier
runs early in the week and working toward the more challenging trails toward
the end of camp. This frame grab is from the run to Panther Gap, and
eventually Merton Meadow.
Movie Clip
One of the things these runners quickly learn is that sometimes negotiating the
downhill portions of the run can be as challenging as the hills faced on the way
up the trail.
Movie Clip
A great motivator for these runners is that many of these challenging runs end
at places with some spectacular views.
Movie Clip
For some of the stronger runners the end of some runs are just the beginning of
others. This frame grab is of the trail to Pear Lake, a few miles beyond their
original destination at Heather Lake.
Movie Clip
Sometimes the trails don't look much like trails at all. This clip is from the
descent down the Watch Tower, which comes complete with a 1500ft
drop off the right hand side of the trail in some places.
Movie Clip
For the early birds there are some beautiful sunrises to behold, that is if you
don't mind running in the dark with a flash light dodging bears.


Thank you for visiting this website, I hope you enjoyed the Sequoia Running Camp Documentary! - Tom Antl


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